Media technologies provide a wide range of platforms for people who do buiness to engage with consumers in new ways. Out of virtual reality medical simulators applied to medical establishments, to , the burkha video solutions that make it feasible to watch the newest blockbuster video at home, marketing technology may also help businesses reach their customers on a whole new level.

In contrast to classic media just like printed literature, newspapers and magazines which utilizes analog broadcasting models, new videos uses digital computer technology pertaining to distribution. Samples of new multimedia include the Net, websites, computer multimedia, online video game titles and Blueray disks. In addition, it includes digitized and converged forms of traditional media such as television applications, feature films and music CDs.

Even though the term new media is associated with cyberculture, scholars contain argued it is more accurate to consider it as a broad term to describe cultural objects involving digital computer technology for division and exhibit. They have also outlined the positive public implications of recent media.

Furthermore to allowing people to communicate with each other all over the world, new information can create a perception of community and a sense of belonging for people who share common interests through blogs, forums and one of the striking. This is especially true within the rise of online communities such as Facebook and Twitter. It has been suggested the fact that potential for these types of communities and the capability to connect with persons from all over the world has the capacity to change the nature of society.

Media channels Technologies for people who do buiness

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